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On 2/7/14 Nathan Hale High School honored Colton Ustruck with Hales version of "Make a Wish".  Colton is the son of Bill and Missy Ustruck.  They  have 5 children, Owen 8, Quinn 6, Colton soon to be 5 and Piper 2.  Their son Sully lost his battle with Battens disease on December 9, 2013.  Colton is battling that same disease.     

Battens is a very rare, neurological disorder that is terminal. The Ustrucks’ are doing all they can to make each day with Colton a memorable one for him and their family. There is no cure for battens, but Colton has been evaluated by a medical team in New York for a phase 1 medical trial. It may not necessarily help Colty, but it will help others in the future that have to face this awful disease.

The type of Battens the Ustuck boys were diagnosed with is late infantile. They grew up healthy, active and social toddlers and then at around the age of 3, they both slowly regressed, which meant no more walking, talking, playing or throwing balls.  

Bill is an alumni of Hale and played football, baseball, and basketball. He looks forward to the day that his sons will be Huskies. Bill and Missy both want Colton to experience being part of a team. He loved to play basketball! The family continues to fight this disease and do all they can to help Colton experience life!!

Today Hales Make a Wish will help check one more thing off Colty’s bucket list.